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    01 June, 2010

    Maestro Award Katanya.... Rupanya scammer

    ATM Maestro MasterCard INC® Avda Baron De Carcer 45 46009,Madrid Spain. We are pleased to inform you that this e-mail address was entered RANDOMLY SELECTED during the ATM Online EMAIL selection Draw held in madrid Spain,this email have won a Maestro MasterCard VALUED €1,000,000:00 Euros (One Million Euro) in the ATM Maestro Promotions Stake.

    Always quote your (ATM CASH GRANT NUMBER: KN/3956/SL) in all your emails. Please email and call the FOREIGN TRANSFER MANAGER, with the below information. ATM-Online Claims Office Contact: Mr.Kido Allen (General Secretary of the Organising Committee) on the E-Mail: atmmaestro@hotmail.com PROCEDURES TO CLAIM YOUR PRIZE


    You must email the details to the assigned agent. 

    1.Fully name, Mobile, telephone and fax number, Address, sex, occupation, country and ATM Reference number . 

    NOTE.THE PAYMENT CENTER HAS BEEN MANDATED TO ISSUE OUT THE ATM CARD IN YOUR NAMES ONCE ALL CONDITIONS ARE ABIDE AND PROVIDED BY YOU:WARNING!! Do not tell people about your Award until your ATM card is successfully handed over to you to avoid disqualification that may arise from double claim. 

    Best of luck as you spend your good fortune and congratulations in advance !!! Yours Sincerely, Clark Hasman Public Relation Officer 

    Notakakidantangan: celaka! salah satu teknik nak tipu dan scam duit orang. Mujur aku bukan orang yang celaka-celaka ni dapat ngap...!! berhati-hati lah kawan-kawan. Jangan biarkan diri anda diselubungi taktik penipu durjana. 


    Linglung said...

    lu perasan la sekejap bila dpt email ni? keh keh keh

    Siti Noor Aminah said...

    alamak, ber lu gua pulak.. ok, gua terai ckp lu gua ok.. hehe..

    gua mana perasan pn,coz gua kan bijak, lgpun gua takde Maestro Mastercard ni.. haha..

    p/s: linglung, ai tak biasa tau ckp lu gua nih.. hilang identiti ai yg sopan nih.. ;p

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