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    04 January, 2022

    House Renovation which is over my budget

     Hello.. Hi..

    I just want to share few story and updates regarding my journey to do some house renovation, which is not a renovation actually, it’s more likely to repair the house. Last saturday, I was asking my neighbor who also a contractor to check on the house.

    So basically today, I get the verbal confirmation from him that the total cost estimated around MYR 4,500.00. It was below my budget but there are some few things that did not include in the quotation,  so the estimated cost will be increase for sure.

    Then today, I bring another contractor to check and provide me the quotation. I did request a lot, to fix here and there, and as per what I expected, the quotation cost is more than what I expected. Hahahaa..

    I wanted to rent this house, so I didn’t want to spend so much money on the renovation cost, but it seems like I have to spend more than my budget, which is MYR 10,000.

    Now I have to figure out, which detailing that I should remove and replace with another idea. Maybe I should forget the idea to get the new table top, just maintain with the original sink kitchen. Maybe I can get a stainless steel sink from the shop and ask the contractor to install with the new piping system. 

    Some more, the idea to have a new partition between the bedrooms, where the cost is more than RM2k, I think I should maintain with the old partition, just to get a better plain wood to remove the old partition and ask to paint the whole house.

    Regarding the paint idea, I’m just thinking that I should wait for my husband to come back during weekend and we did it together since the cost to paint the whole house is more than RM2k.

    I’m quite worry on the budget, since I don’t want to spend so much money on the renovation cost since I’m not going to stay in this house, but I really want to provide a nice and comfortable house for the people who will live in this house. 

    Major renovation for this house will be on toilet or the bathroom itself, where we need to replace the toilet bowl with the brand new toilet bowl, remove and apply new tiles, install new shower pipe, what else.. I can’t remember all those things.

    How I wish that I have more money and I’m capable to spend my money as per what I want. So sad but true, I don’t have the money, haahaha so I have to figure out which part I need to let go and focus on the main things, which is to get a new and nice bathroom for this house. Notice that the roof is leaking too!

    Wahhh.. a lots of things I have to figure out. Should ask some ideas from my friends and see if I can help to reduce the cost. Wish me luck! Yeahhh…

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