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    11 March, 2022

    Snacking for Covid Patient

    I saw one video viral on tiktok if not mistaken, and some friends keep on sharing the snacking recipe. So I wanted to try, but personally I’m not a Doctor or someone from medical background, so I’m not sure if the snacking recipe is 100 percent proven for covid patient.

    But, it’s worth to try since all the ingredients are available in my kitchen.

    Since I'm still struggling with my cough, even though I had taken the medicine, so why not we try this idea. The sourness from the lemon, the sweetness from the honey and the saltiness from the himalaya rock salt, it’s really refreshing and hopefully it helps to reduce my sore throat due to cough.

    So here are the ingredients:


    Himalaya rock salt


    Slice the lemon, sprinkle the himalaya rock salt and don’t forget, sprinkle some honey on the lemon

    Please let me know if you try the recipe and share the outcome. Take care everyone, please stay safe.

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